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Retail Exit Strategy Specialists

Have peace of mind knowing what will happen to your business when the time comes.

What is an Exit Strategy, and why do I need one?

A business exit strategy is a plan for what will happen when you want to leave your business. Think of it as your long-range goal. You will exit your business someday, and you’ll want to do it on your own terms. So what you do now to plan for that time will determine how well you and the others around you are set up for success.

Planning an exit strategy does not necessarily mean you are planning to close today. It acts as your plan for the future when you need to retire, sell, or close.

To Sell Or To Close: Which is right for me (and for others)?


Maybe you want to sell but don’t understand how to make your business more attractive.

There are many considerations, including business profitability, business segment and outlook, existing lease/building details, staffing, etc.

We walk you through all of these details, including valuation, to help determine if selling your business is a valid option. We also work with a network of business brokers that can find you potential buyers and help coordinate the selling and transfer of your business.


Did you know that many retailers make more money by closing their stores instead of selling?

We have helped many retailers do just that by giving them a proven method of closing their business and doing it in the best interest of everyone affected (customers and employees) while doing it with class.

We assist you by creating a dynamic marketing plan, doing an inventory assessment, counseling you through tough conversations, and helping with the multitude of decisions that come with the process.

Who We Are

Cris Willis Retail Business Coach

Cris Willis

Cris is a business coach for independent retailers. Cris has over 25 years of experience in the retail business. For the past 3 years, she has worked with retailers throughout the US and Canada to reach their goals and create the business of their dreams.

Gary Willis Founder Retail Clarity

Gary Willis

Gary Willis is a 4th generation retailer, managing a successful retail company for over 25 years. His enterprise has encompassed multiple locations, 100’s of employees, 1000’s of vendors, and 100,000’s SKUs. His experience, along with his team, provides you the tools you need to run a successful business and life.

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