4 Business Experts You Must Follow in 2021

Follow these experts for advice and inspiration

Cris Willis

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As an Independent Retailer, you have a lot to juggle each day.  You cannot be the expert in everything. You need to be sure you follow people who can help you learn and grow your retail skills.

Wow, January flew by so fast, and here we are in the 2nd week of February 2021.  So far, this year has been full of chaos and uncertainty. But the future of the COVID vaccine and herd immunity is looking promising for 2021. Each of us must make sure we are set up for success this year.

Did you set your goals for 2021, and have you determined the Habits you need to develop to reach those goals?  To help you along the way, I suggest you choose some Influencers to follow to motivate you and keep you focused on where you want to go.  Decide where you want to Grow this year and surround yourself with the people that can teach you and lead you in that growth.

Here is the list of resources that I follow and suggest you look into

WhizBang! Training

Founded by retail experts Bob Negen and Susan Negen, WhizBang! Training offers products and services designed to fit the needs of brand new retailers and seasoned owners, and multi-store chains.  The flagship product, the Retail Mastery System, teaches the 11 essential skills required to be a successful store owner.  The Retail Sales Academy, a 24/7 online sales training platform, teaches store employees how to increase sales by providing exceptional customer service.  To receive a FREE Retail Tip of the week from retail expert Bob Negen CLICK HERE to sign up.  To join the WhizBang! Retailers private Facebook group community CLICK HERE.  There are thousands of retailers that are active in this group discussing all things retail all day long.  I know that you will glean lots of information from this group and share lots of information to help others!

Crystal Media

Did you realize in 2020 that you needed to up your Social Media game but have not figured out how to stay up-to-date with every app and digital marketing tool?  Well, Crystal Media may be just the one to help you.  They offer training programs and workshops to teach you, or you can have them manage it for you.  You need to follow their Blog and sign up to get their FREE Social Media Tips every Monday.  Check them out at crystalmediaco.com


My husband (who is into numbers and has a Finance degree) has long been a follower of The Kiplinger Letter.  This weekly business and economic forecasting periodical is designed for people in management and is considered the most widely read business forecasting periodical in the world.  If you are interested in sound advice and information regarding investing, retirement, taxes, personal finance, your business, and more, go to Kiplinger.com.  You can sign up for the FREE E-newsletter, Subscribe to their magazine, and read all of their articles.  We have been successful entrepreneurs for 28 years and have made many smart business decisions based on the information we have learned in The Kiplinger Letter. Don’t miss out on this practical advice and guidance for your business.

Brendon Burchard

If you are serious about developing the Habits that will help you reach your goals and succeed, you need to follow Brendon Burchard.  He is the world’s leading high-performance coach and a best-selling author.  Between his books, podcasts, online courses, blogs, and YouTube videos, it is easy to learn from Brendon.  He is HIGH energy, and it is infectious.  Last year, I started using “The High Performance Planner” to plan and organize my days and weeks. Brendon’s planner asks you questions each day that makes you intentional, more productive and guides you to bring your energy, courage, and influence into each day.  Go to his website at brendon.com to be inspired by all he has to offer.


OK, so you may be thinking, “I do not have time to follow all of these people and read all of their blogs. I’m too busy!”

To that, I would say, that is why you need to be sure you are developing the Habits you need to grow.

However, if you cannot find the time to follow all of these people and resources, just read my emails and blogs as I will be incorporating all that I learn from these forums and more into what I share with you each month.  The information can also be found on my Facebook page at Retail Clarity Business Coaching.

Cris Willis

Cris is a business coach for independent retailers. With 25 years of experience owning and operating a family business, she now guides retail owners to make smarter decisions regarding inventory management, marketing, sales training, product assortment, and more. When not at work, she loves to travel the country with her husband in their motorhome.

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