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Make an Excellent First Impression with your Store Layout | Holiday Guide 2020

It is time to make sure that your store is set and looks fantastic for the holiday season. We will talk about the overall look and feel of your store.   Susan Negen, with WhizBang! Training says that Visual Merchandising is a marketing tool. It is not decorating and making your store pretty.  Visual Merchandising - [...]

How To Move Out Dead Inventory

Get rid of that stale, dead inventory, and plan your future purchasing through Gross Margin Formula! Have you ever asked yourself, "If business is so great, then why am I not making any money?" Maybe your accountant or tax return says you are making a profit, but it's not reflected in your bank account. This [...]

How To Calculate Your Turn Rate

Calculate your Turn Rate and plan your inventory for the rest of the year! Are you asking yourself, "How Much Inventory Should I have on hand Right Now to Make My Sales Goals?" Well, to fix this problem, you need to know your Turn Rate! Your greatest source of increased cash flow comes from increasing [...]