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4 Things to Focus on to be Set Up for Success in 2021 | Holiday Guide 2020

  As this year is coming to a close, I have been thinking about what retailers need to focus on to wrap up 2020 and be set up for success in 2021.   For the 27 years that my husband and I ran our family retail stores, here is what we focused on the last [...]

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Dive Deep into December Events | Holiday Guide 2020

  The month of December has finally arrived in this crazy year.  For many retailers, this is your biggest and busiest month of the entire year.  Now, you face an increase in COVID cases worldwide and more restrictions being considered and enacted in many areas around the country.  Every retailer needs to be thinking about [...]

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Use Wish Lists to Create More Sales | Holiday Guide 2020

  As the number of COVID cases keeps rising and more and more counties, cities, and states consider and enact more restrictions, it is more important than ever that you stay in touch and provide meaningful services for your customers this holiday season.   When it comes to Holiday Shopping, just about everyone has the [...]

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6 Great Ways Customers Can Shop in Your Store | Holiday Guide 2020

With the pandemic, consumer's expectations around shopping have changed. It is more important than ever to engage with your customers and make them feel comfortable. This holiday season, the number of COVID-19 cases is on the rise, and it is more important than ever to offer multiple ways for your customers to shop with you. [...]

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Make an Excellent First Impression with your Store Layout | Holiday Guide 2020

It is time to make sure that your store is set and looks fantastic for the holiday season. We will talk about the overall look and feel of your store.   Susan Negen, with WhizBang! Training says that Visual Merchandising is a marketing tool. It is not decorating and making your store pretty.  Visual Merchandising - [...]

Dive Deep into November Events | Holiday Guide 2020

By now, you should have planned out your events and promotions for November. Every week you should have some offer or something exciting happening to drive traffic to your store, website, and social media sites.   The benefits of hosting events are immediate and long-lasting. Not only will your sales increase, but you will also [...]

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Hiring and Training Successful Associates | Holiday Guide 2020

For many retailers, "managing people" is their weakness. You probably started your business because you love what you sell. Buying the merchandise and doing beautiful displays in your store is fun. Planning events and promotions and the marketing to go along with them lets your creative juices flow. You may even have an accountant or [...]

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Buy Right for the Holiday Season | Holiday Guide 2020

  For many retailers, buying is the “fun” part of the job, but it can be stressful. You probably got into your business because of your love of the product you sell. Picking out items that you love and putting them together in the store can be so much fun.  Then comes the hard part [...]

Setting Goals and Metrics | Holiday Guide 2020

  “If I could only remember that I cannot remember, my life would go much smoother.” - Cris Willis   Too many times in my business life, this has been my motto. Especially when it came to remembering the details of past events and promotions. I would always think that I would remember everything that [...]

Events and Promotional Calendars | Holiday Guide 2020

    “If you fail to plan you are planning to fail.” - Benjamin Franklin   Are you “flying by the seat of your pants?” Are you making decisions each day to get through the day and hoping to find the time “someday” to think things through and plan? You must prepare for the Holiday [...]