RC Analytix maximizes your CounterPoint system.

NCR CounterPoint is the backbone of your retail company. RC Analytix is the brain that contains all the knowledge of your company. When you use RC Analytix to uncover company insights, your profitability will take on new life, cash flow will improve, and productivity will be maximized.

NCR CounterPoint integrates seamlessly with RC Analytix
Your software will be secure in our cloud based system and accessible from anywhere

Seamlessly integrate your business.

RC Analytix is fully integrated with NCR CounterPoint. From day one you will see trends, insights, and more from the past three years. Through a process known as ETL, we copy all relevant data to our cloud-based data center. From there, we analyze all of this data to create summaries, look for potential issues, and most importantly, uncover hidden opportunities.

Use your data to strengthen your business.

Your CounterPoint data is your greatest asset. RC Analytix manages this asset to its greatest potential. With RC Analytix, we never manipulate any of your CounterPoint data. Instead, we use it to create a much more powerful database. With our cutting-edge tools, management has greater insight, workflows are streamlined, and inventory is reliably forecasted.

A business owner easily able to see all their CounterPoint data
No matter your POS system, RC Analytix can improve your business!

Not on CounterPoint?

RC Analytix can integrate with most retail POS systems. To learn more and to see how to use RC Analytix for your business, contact Retail Clarity today.

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