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The Question of Why

Do you really know all you need to know when making business decisions?

Operating as the business intelligence solution for your company, our software solutions will enable you to be IN THE KNOW NOW when managing your retail or ecommerce company.  Armed with accurate and timely data analytics, the decision makers within your company will be equipped to maximize profits and increase efficiency within your purchasing, sales, inventory management, and labor processes.

The Question of What…

Two different analytic solutions that work with your existing system 

We offer two different analytics solutions that work with your Point of Sale (POS) software to deliver the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for your business, on-demand, and in an instant.  We eliminate time-consuming and inefficient reporting processes as well as solve the recurring problem of trying to get all your relevant data together for analysis.

Retailers Dashboard is our visual analytics solution.  We understand that people learn much better by viewing relational images rather than trying to discern numbers in a table.  Retailers Dashboard allows you to easily “see” what is going on in your business through charts, graphs, etc. presented in a “dashboard” layout.

RC Analytix is the more powerful solution we use when graphics are not needed.  At the heart of this system is a multi-timeframe forecasting engine that can help to automate vendor reorders, item transfers, and inventory markdowns.  Our clients much prefer this solution to managing their inventory compared to the “canned solutions” in their inventory management system.  Many proprietary KPIs like our SKU SCORE™ further increase efficiency in inventory management.

Both solutions allow you to export your data to Excel enabling you to streamline existing processes.  By providing KPIs that your POS system cannot deliver coupled with streamlined processes, your users will be prepared to make business decisions much more quickly and accurately.  Additionally, our cloud-based platform can be upgraded without impacting your POS system. Upgrades are included in your subscription which allows us to roll out frequent product enhancements.

The Questions of When and Where…

Can this solution help to simplify my busy life ?

Retailers Dashboard and RC Analytix are cloud based which provides access to your data anywhere you have an internet connection.  The answers to your business questions are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Your business data is updated nightly to the Retail Clarity cloud server and sales and inventory data is updated several times an hour throughout the day.  This allows you to monitor sales across your locations in near real-time.

Run your business more effectively – Don’t let the business run your life!

The Question of Who…

Can I trust the team that developed this solution ?

Our company’s founder is a 4th generation retailer.  His family’s first retail store was opened in 1876 and he operated that company for more than 25 years.

The origins of the Retail Clarity solution date back to the mid 1990’s when a dynamic solution was needed to manage his company’s inventory of over 500 vendors and 100,000 SKU’s.  This level of business volume required him to bring in database professionals to create a dynamic management solution not available in a standard Point of Sale system.  Today, our Management Team has over 75 years of experience in retail and technology.


How do I know that this will be a good investment?

Our solution is priced as a percentage of your gross margin.  We established this pricing model to ensure that, regardless of what type of business model you operate, you can be assured a fair price.  We look forward to the opportunity to discuss this with you in more detail.


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