Don’t Go It Alone – Building a Business Support System

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Don’t Go It Alone – Building a Business Support System

One of the most stressful and “un-fun” parts about being a store owner is feeling alone, even when you’re surrounded by employees and customers.

There’s a phrase that Bob Negen, with WhizBang! Training, coined to describe this situation – business lonely.


This tip of the week comes from the WhizBang! Training archives.  I have combined my thoughts and Bob Negen’s favorite ways to fight the feeling of “business lonely” and build a fantastic support system around you.


As a store owner, there might not be anyone else in your organization who REALLY understands what it’s like to be in your shoes.  No one to talk to about the decisions you have to make and the difficulties you face.  No one who feels the depth of your excitement when something amazing happens. You may have lots of wonderful personal friends and a great family, but no one to “talk shop” with.

But you don’t have to go it alone.  In fact, you’ll be much more successful and generally happier if you build a strong business support system for yourself.  Here’s how….


Try one of these ideas or pick them ALL.  The more you surround yourself with amazing, successful, caring, sharing people, the better off you’ll be.  Don’t be Business Lonely.


Find a Fellow Store Owner

Look for a retail “best friend.”  Whether it’s someone in your industry that you meet at a trade show or someone from a different industry who just “gets you,” having another store owner to talk to, to celebrate with, to ask questions of is a powerful plus.


For me, I found many great retailers to connect with by joining buying groups within my industry.  Plus, I took advantage of vendors’ training opportunities and met many like-minded retailers at those events.


If you have never attended the Retail Success Summit, this is a great place to connect with lots of “retail best friends.”  For some people, this is the biggest impact the Summit has on their business and their lives.  Start making plans now to hopefully be able to attend the Retail Success Summit in person in 2021.


Connect with Mentors

You don’t need to figure out everything all by yourself.  That’s way too hard, way too slow, and way too lonely.  Connect with experts, mentors, coaches, and advocates who care about you and your success.


Bob & Susan Negen have created a FREE Facebook Group for WhizBang! Retailers to connect, share ideas, ask questions, and help each other.  There are over 4,000 smart, savvy retailers in this group, inspiring each other to run the business of their dreams.  Click Here to Join this group!


Hiring a Business Coach who can help you in your business journey is one of the best ways you can move your business forward.  Learn from them, lean on them, and listen to them.  WhizBang! Training has an amazing group of WhizBang! Certified Coaches, each with their expertise in different retail industries.


As a WhizBang! Certified Coach, my expertise is in the Gift and Boutique industry.  I have intimate knowledge of Open to Buy planning; Managing, Training, and Motivating Sales Associates; Assortment Planning; Marketing; Store Operations; Exit Strategy Planning, and more.  Click Here for a schedule a FREE Strategy Call with me.


Join a Mastermind

If having one retail best friend is powerful, joining a Mastermind is that friendship on steroids.  The collective wisdom and deep caring of a mastermind is an unbelievable benefit.  Imagine having 5 to 8 super-smart retailers to meet with each month.  Members of a mastermind group share their best advice with each other and work together for the prosperity of all.


If you own the WhizBang! Retail Mastery System and would like to join a Mastermind Group, I would like to invite you to consider joining a Retail Clarity Coaching Mastermind Group.  For more information, click here to schedule a call with me.


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I bring retail best practices to Independent Retailers. This leads to better decision making when it comes to inventory management, marketing, sales training, product assortment, and more! Many retailers start with a passion for what they sell or were handed down the business from their parents. Even though they may have started strong, eventually, many realize that they need help to master essential retail business skills. Don't find yourself "Business Lonely" and lacking a community. I am here to help you make better business decisions, connect you to a community, and bring clarity and control to your business. Come experience a happier life with more freedom!

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