4 Tips to an Entertaining Facebook Live Sale

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4 Tips to an Entertaining Facebook Live Sale


As you plan your events for the 4th Quarter, I truly hope you are incorporating Facebook Live into some of them. This week WhizBang! Training put out a Tip of the Week with this great information that I want to share with you.


Coresight Research estimates that the live-streaming e-commerce market is to be worth $25 billion by 2023. But they weren’t the only ones to see the power and potential of live video selling.


Tons of indie retailers just like you have been using Facebook Live to grow their revenue and customer base with the combined power of social interaction, entertainment, and the excitement of real-time sales.

CommentSold is a company that is available to help you by simplifying live selling so you can focus on creating fun and attention-grabbing videos, instead of worrying about how to turn them into sales.


Set up Comment Sold for your business here ⇒ http://zpr.io/HyCNC


Here are 4 tips from CommentSold on how you can create a share-worthy, revenue-boosting, captivating shopping experience with your own Facebook Live Sale.


1. Interact With Your Audience.


With live video, you’re not just another faceless digital storefront – you’re someone that viewers can connect and have a conversation with. Always address your audience members by name, spark conversations, answer questions, and forge deeper connections with viewers. This will endear viewers to your brand, and it gives them a compelling reason to stay and engage with you.


2. Be An Influencer.


Stiff sales pitches will send customers scrolling away. A holistic approach is much more compelling. Show products being used by you or your team and talk about the aspects that you personally love. You should also ask your audience what they think about the product. This way, you’re creating authentic content that resonates with your customers and establishes you as a trusted expert.


Now really is the time to bring your social selling up to the next level and capture those holiday shopping dollars.  Use these 4 ideas, and you’ll be on your way to more successful live sales!


3. Be An Entertainer.


Mix it up with some entertainment! Use humor, play a game, show some behind the scenes footage. Whatever you do, don’t be boring! You want to keep viewers glued to their screens. Raffles are a popular way to encourage viewers to stick around for a chance to win a prize. As a bonus, you can also use contests to encourage more comments, likes, and shares.


4. Use Tech To Free Up Your Focus.


Between selling and interacting, live sales can get a little hectic, especially if you’re struggling to get real results. Sending shoppers to sift through a website takes them away from your video, and you may lose their attention or even a sale. That’s where technology comes to the rescue.  

Using CommentSold software, you can display a professional video overlay to show product details and prompt shoppers to comment “Sold” to cart the item on-screen. Then, it sends them an automated invoice in Messenger, where they can view carted items and check out without leaving the video.

Plus, it makes shopping a competitive game and gives your content a lift in organic engagement, so your video is seen by more people.


Retail Clarity Coaching and WhizBang! Training hopes you enjoyed these great ideas from CommentSold. Now really is the time to bring your social selling up to the next level and capture those holiday shopping dollars. Use these 4 ideas and you’ll be on your way to more successful live sales!


If you haven’t looked into adding CommentSold to your live sales, Click Here to schedule a meeting with one of their team members and decide if it’s right for you!

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