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See Your Business

Mobile friendly dashboards for knowing on the go

See your business while on the go

Accessible from any device, RC Analytix allows you to view your business while on the go. Using your phone or tablet, you can easily look up sales, inventory, and more while on the sales floor, in a business meeting, or at a buying event, all without having to open your POS system.

Instantly see all that’s happening in your business – Avoid the “I’ll look it up later” syndrome

How many times a day do you or your team members put off a decision until later because they can’t easily find the information they need? RC Analytix delivers the information you need quickly. And, by visually displaying this information, you can literally see business trends as they occur.

Modern Reporting
All the information you need in one convenient place

All the information you need for inventory management in one report

With our modern approach to reporting, we save you time by compiling all the information you need into a single report or dashboard. By visually displaying this information, you can literally see business trends as they occur.

Want to view your store’s overall sales? Our Store Sales Summary dashboard contains more information than over a dozen POS system reports combined. Looking to reorder from a vendor? Our Vendor Reorder Report allows you to see previous sales, forecasted sales, available inventory, warehouse inventory, and purchase order quantities all in one interface. You can even create your reorders within RC Analytix and email them to your vendor, all without ever opening your POS system.

Check out our newest feature, the Vendor Reorder Application.

Proactive Management vs Reactive Management

Each night, RC Analtyix analyzes all of your POS system data. It will then recognize and alert you to trends and opportunities that you may not be aware of.

Our SKU Forecasting Engine allows you to increase your store profits by suggesting inventory reorder and transfer quantities. This will enable you to have the right amount of the right product at the right time.

With our automated email reporting, we alert you to Hot New SKUs that are selling out fast. By avoiding missed sales, you can easily increase your bottom line.

Forecasting Engine

Predict future sales with our advanced forecasting engine

Predict Future Sales

RC Analytix’s proprietary SKU Forecasting Engine can predict future sales. Every night, we run complex algorithms on your data to forecast future sales for every SKU at every location. By knowing this information, we can identify Prospects or SKUs that may need your attention. We present this information to you in the three following reports:

Reorder Prospects

This report helps automate the identification of items that need reordering. The parameters used to identify the “Reorder Prospects” is customizable by the user and consists of these three crucial KPIs:

GMROI – How profitable is this item and what is the turn rate at cost?
Weeks Supply – Is stock running low and needing to be reordered?
Sell Through – What percentage of my available stock to sell has already been sold?

Not only does RC Analytix deliver this information to you, but it will also summarize this information by vendor so you can easily see those vendors that have multiple, good selling items that are about to go out of stock.

Markdown Prospects

This is the inverse of Reorder Prospects, enabling you to easily find those poor performing inventory items that are killing cash flow and clogging up your aisles.

Transfer Prospects

Easily transfer merchandise from one location to multiple locations based on the item’s forecasted sale at each location. Therefore, you can move your merchandise out of the warehouse and to those retail outlets that are most likely to sell it sooner.

Custom Alerts

Get reports and alerts in your email inbox daily

Automated Email Reporting

Automated Email Reporting is a simple solution that gives you daily business insights straight to your email inbox. With Daily Sales Report and Hot New SKUs delivered each morning, your management team can start the day informed on week-to-date sales and SKUs that need reordering.

These reports send automatically to any team members you choose, including store managers, inventory managers, buyers, and C-Suite

Daily Sales Report

Daily Sales Report delivers company totals and store-by-store summaries of the previous day’s sales.

With this report, you can see:

  • all sales, both from posted and unposted sales tickets.
  • how daily sales compare with the sales plan and the same day last year.
  • week-to-date insights and how sales are progressing for the week.
  • links to online reports that show how the day, week, period, and years compare against your sales plan and the previous year.

Hot New SKUs

Hot New SKUs report tracks new SKUs recently added to your inventory. This report finds your new hot-selling items and alerts you to reorder before they go out of stock.

Improve your cash flow

RC Analytix improves your cash flow in many ways. By alerting you to poor-performing items, you can easily identify those that need a price markdown in order to move out of your store. This will free up cash to buy more profitable items.

Our advanced forecasting system uses complex algorithms to help prevent you from overbuying.

Analyzing KPIs

RC Analytix acts as your personal data analytics team

Simplify your understanding of all the aspects of your business

A Key Performance Indicator (KPI) is a measurable value that shows how effectively an organization is achieving its key objectives. There can be high-level KPIs, such as your overall business performance, or low-level KPIs, such as comparing items, vendors, customers, etc.

Here are a few of the KPIs that RC Analytix uses to analyze your inventory:

Gross Margin Return On Investment is considered an essential inventory profitability metric. The significant advantage of using this is that it joins an item’s gross margin percentage and its inventory turn rate. Bottom Line: The higher the GMROI value, the better that item is at producing revenue. This is an easy metric to compare non-similar SKUs profitability.

Markdown %
Easily see which SKUs have been sold at a discount and the average percentage taken off of the retail price. You can also see this percentage for a vendor, category, or store. This can help you decide which items, vendors, or categories to discontinue.

Units Per Week
Units per Week is the value identifying the average quantity per week sold of a particular SKU or group of SKUs. If you know how many units of each item have been selling recently, it will make reordering the proper quantities of those items much more accurate.

Sell Through %
The number of goods sold during a given time expressed as a percentage of what was available to sell during that time. This is a great metric to use when evaluating new items, vendors, or product lines.

Units Per Ticket
Units Per Ticket is a great sales metric to see if your salespeople effectively suggest add-on items to customer purchases.

Rate and rank every item at every location

Analyze your inventory at every location with SKU Score

RC Analytix provides an exclusive metric called SKU Score. With this feature, you can see how every SKU performs in each location, providing essential inventory data at a glance.

Four key pieces of data are reflected in the SKU Score. The acronym GTCR helps you remember the order of the 4 values as follows:

G: Gross Margin   T: Turns at Cost   C: Cost of SKU   R: Recency

Identify your best customers

Identify your best customers

Identify your best customers quickly and easily with our Sales by Customer report. By exporting the data as a spreadsheet, your marketing department can easily create a targeted campaign directly to your best customers by phone, mail, or email. Or easily find customers who have bought similar items when acquiring a new product line to promote a product launch.

One-Click Sales Plan

One click sales plan

Create a sales plan with the click of a button

Sales Plans are a crucial tool for succeeding in sales. Most corporations have sales plans for each division, store, etc. By creating a plan, you can benchmark where you are and where you want to go, making adjustments along the way to achieve your business goals.

However, creating and maintaining a sales plan can be tedious and time-consuming.

With RC Analytix, create a store-by-store sales plan with the click of a button. Easily adjust your sales plan as needed within our app or via spreadsheet.

With RC Analytix One-Click Sales Plan, you can:

  • Compare daily, weekly, period, and years sales against your plan and see business trends as they occur.
  • Set daily and weekly goals for your salespeople, motivating them to make the most of every customer interaction. Store managers love this!
  • Analyze actual sales against your plan.
  • Create an inventory plan so that you have the right amount of merchandise available for your customers.

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