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Retail Mastery System

 The 11 Essential Retail Skills Together In One Comprehensive System: Designed For Retail Store Owners and Managers

Everything you need to know about running a super-successful retail business in one complete, easy-to-use program. Filled with proven ideas that work for today’s independent store owner. It’s like an MBA for retailers. Get yours today!

“I took the loyalty program from the Retail Mastery System and tweaked it a little for my business.  In one year our program grew by 3,500 people – that’s huge!  Plus, 80% of the people who come into our store sign up.” 

– Ann Schneider, The Front Porch

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Retail Sales Academy

Interactive Online Sales Training For Retail Store Employees

A proven way to increase your store sales with a complete selling system based on customer happiness. Using this fully-automated ongoing sales training program you’ll have control of your customers’ experience and feel confident knowing you built a team of retail sales superstars. Start today!

“At first there was push back from my associates about having to do this training.  I was determined to change the culture of my store from being focused on Operations to being focused on Selling.  The Retail Sales Academy made the difference.  It gave me the tools I needed to keep my staff focused on selling and increasing our KPI’s.” 

– Cris Willis, Parsons Gifts

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Retail Marketing Club

Pump Up Your Promotions In Just One Hour Per Month 

Create a robust marketing calendar full of interesting, fun ideas to drive people into your store with the NEW Retail Marketing Club. Every month, you’ll learn a new promotional idea you can use in your business, and have the chance to ask questions LIVE with retail expert, Bob Negen. Click below to learn more!

“If you have been considering signing up for the WhizBang! Retail Marketing Club, here’s another nudge for you to do it!  Today’s hour-long interactive seminar fed my marketing mind with ideas and enthusiasm for my business.  Join us, you won’t regret it.” 

– Summer Allen

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Retail Success Summit

The World’s Largest 2-Day Conference Just For Independent Retail Store Owners

Imagine getting out of the hurry-scurry of your daily store life and gathering together with hundreds of enthusiastic, motivated, independent retailers for two intense days of world-class, retail-specific learning that will help you put more money in the bank. Registration for 2020 is now open!

“We are pleased to announce we have successfully checked off 8 out of 10 action items on our list from the Retail Success Summit! Number 9 is in the works.  AND we finished August up 40%!  Thank you for ALL you do!” 

– Jamie Bush, Point of Origin

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Platinum Mastermind Group

Are You Ready To Take Your Business To The Next Level?

The Platinum Mastermind Group is NOT for everyone. It is designed for store owners that have already mastered the 11 Essential Skills in the Retail Mastery System and are prepared to take the extra steps required to grow their business and achieve personal fulfillment. Apply today!

“It’s made me a more effective leader and my company run better.  I just can’t say enough about what it’s done for my business!”
– Jessica Bettencourt, Klem’s

“Within 3 months of joining the Platinum Mastermind Group, I made back my year’s investment.”
– Maureen Doron, Skirt

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The Master Plan Advantage

Are You Ready To Finally Take Control Of Your Business?

Want a store that serves your life rather than runs you ragged? Whether you feel overworked and overwhelmed almost all the time, hardly ever out of control, or fall anywhere in between, The Master Plan Advantage will help you become a happier, more confident business owner.

“If you are ready for a kick in the pants and to develop a map forward from the swirling mass of ideas and possibilities frothing in your brain, sign up for the Master Plan Advantage.  It is THE. BEST. Business planning program I have ever done.”
– Morgan Harris, Green Bambino

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