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RC Analytix software provides business intelligence, allowing you to confidently make the right decision for your team.

Your computer showing you all the business intelligence you need to succeed
Easily check items off you list with simplified data reporting

No more “Ill look it up later”

No longer waste time searching for each report or sale independently. Quickly see the information you need with easy to understand graphical forms and tables.

Providing one source of truth, instantly wherever you need it

In the Know Now

RC Analytix provides business intelligence built from your sales, inventory, purchasing, and customer data.

Analyzing Your Data

We safely analyze your data to highlight your company’s opportunities and challenges

Work from Anywhere

As a cloud-based service, your information can be accessed securely from anywhere via the internet

data and graphs that are easy to read and understand

True business intelligence in easy to understand graphs and forms

With over 35 detailed dashboards and reports, you can instantly analyze hundreds of vendors and thousands of products on one easy-to-read interface. Easily customize your view to see your data by date, vendor, buyer, and more!

Empower Your Team

Through data transparency, your team can see all the same information. Empowering them to quickly and efficiently work together from the same information.

Your team working together to make the best decisions for your business

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See your store in detail

your data is analyzed and interpreted to the highest business intelligence

RC Analytix Lite offers a wide variety of dashboards to help manage your business by “showing you” what is going on with your inventory, sales, customers, and more. By delivering multiple pieces of information in one report, dashboards excel other types of reporting. Gone are the days where numerous reports have to be run to try and survey the business landscape. With data visualization, you can actually “see” the data and its relation to its counterparts.

RC Analytix Lite allows you to see:

  • Cumulative Sales – see how sales compare over the last 3 years
  • Cumulative Inventory – compare inventory levels over a 3 year period
  • Sales Associate Metrics – see how well each sales employee performs
  • Sales by Store – manage multiple locations and track their progress in one easy to view graph
  • Sales by Category – customize your categories and easily track your sales over the last 3 years
  • 3 Year Sales Summary – view your sales, gross margin dollar, number of items sold, and more over the last 3 years
  • Vendor Reorder – quickly see what items need to be reordered and create an exportable spreadsheet without ever having to type in a SKU number
RC Analytix Pro logo

See into the future.

Confidently move forward with your business through our advanced forecasting

RC Analytix Pro offers all the features of the Lite Version PLUS:

Advanced Reports – A suite of inventory performance reports that can quickly show you your best and worst performers in your company. Allowing you to focus on those that need your team’s attention.

Access to our Advanced “Forecasting Engine” – our advanced algorithms can forecast sales demand for each individual SKU, at every location, for each of the next 52 weeks. In other words, it’s a lot easier to plan your business when you can see into the future. 

RC Analytix Pro allows you to know:

  • How many of each SKU to order now and/or how many to order for the upcoming season
  • Alert you to SKUs that are projected to go out of stock soon
  • Alert you to SKUs that may need to be marked down due to poor performance and excessive inventory
  • Suggest inventory transfers between locations based on the forecasted sales demand and quantity available at each location
  • Suggest which vendors may need to be reordered based on the forecasted week’s supply and the performance of each SKU, at each location or summarized for shipment to a single location

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will this work with my existing computer system?

Yes! RC Analytix is a cloud-based service, meaning it can provide business intelligence without upgrading your POS or Inventory Management System. As a separate system, we can work with most retail software systems.

Is my information secure?

Yes! Through SSL encryption, your data is protected and secure.

How much does it cost?

As a subscription-based service, the price is based on the number of inventory locations in your business. To get a quick quote, contact sales@retailclarity.com

Who in my business would use it?

For owners: Time is your most valuable resource. RC Analytix will quickly keep you in the know on all of your retail operations, keeping you in control and giving you more time.

For buyers: Automate your buying process by having our Forecasting Engine create suggested orders for you, be alerted of pending stockouts, and be alerted of items that are not selling well and may need marking down. Quickly view inventory levels over time compared to the previous years so you can see where you are overbought or underbought.

For inventory managers: Quickly distribute your warehouse inventory to where it is most likely to sell using our proprietary Forecasting Engine. Inter-Store transfers can also be automated to balance your stock across the company.

For store managers: Recognize and reward your best salespeople through real-time analysis. Understand what is and isn’t selling well so you can focus your team appropriately.

How complicated is it for me to use?

One key component of our system is that we use data visualization to show you what is going on in your business. As humans, we learn much quicker through images compared to reading reports. Our Pro version also uses advanced technology to alert you of opportunities and issues that may need your attention. This will help automate your purchasing, markdown, and inventory transfer needs. In other words, we work hard to simplify your business and your life.

RC Analytix is a powerful tool, and like any tool, if you focus on how to use that tool in the beginning, you and your business can become much less complicated.

I love it! How do I purchase this for my business?

To purchase, contact sales@retailclarity.com. From there, we will discuss your personal business details and get you started on having more clarity and control in your business.

I like this idea, but I am not sure if it will work for me. Is there a way to try it out before I buy?

Due to the time required to integrate your system with RC Analytix, we cannot offer a free trial. However, there is a 90-day satisfaction guarantee for clients that have paid their setup and monthly subscription fees through that date.

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