The Early Bird Gets… Started

The Early Bird Gets… Started


This Blog Post is a compilation of writings from Bob Negen with WhizBang! Training and my personal experience in retail.


The Retail 4th Quarter is upon us, and it is time to get motivated and plan for your success.  


Success is more than just higher sales; it is higher profits, an engaged and happy team, and time with your family and friends this holiday season.


You cannot achieve this balance without planning. So, get started!


If you are like most retail store owners right now, you are probably feeling overwhelmed and cannot seem to find the time to get everything done. And all too often, it’s the most important (but perhaps less urgent) tasks that get ignored.


 “Don’t get so busy chopping wood that you do not take time to sharpen your saw.”


“Work Smarter, Not Harder”


My husband said these words of wisdom to me every year at this time. I was so busy hiring staff, putting out fires in the backroom from shipping errors and damages, putting out seasonal merchandise while moving everything in the store around, and coordinating where the truckloads of inventory that kept showing up would go that every day was a blur.

I have barely survived the holiday season, and I have thrived in the holiday season. And I can tell you that the difference is PLANNING.


We always say we do not have time, but the truth is that we do not prioritize our time. There are 86,400 seconds in each 24-hour day – nor more, no less. Each is used or lost. You must value your time. Planning saves time!

So, come on Early Bird, it is time to get started planning your successful 4th quarter.


It happens to everyone.

There’s a project, a plan, a problem, or an idea you have been meaning to work on. But the everyday whirlwind of work keeps you from starting on your project. Here’s help.


Instead of prioritizing your schedule…



Decide which are the most important things to get accomplished and put them on your schedule first. Then fit in the other daily tasks and more mundane chores—you many need to delegate some jobs to others. You must get the important things done first.


Here are some ways to accomplish this.


  • Get to Work an Hour Early Every Day for the next few weeks. Don’t read your e-mail, check the phone messages, or look at anything else on your desk. Spend the entire extra hour starting your project. 


  • Make a list of everything you want to and need to get done during the day. Big and little. Try to make at least one important project part of your list – something that moves your business towards bigger success.


  • Prioritize your list before the day begins and you get caught up in the chaos. Then (and this is usually the hard part), follow your list and actually do the important priority work first. Not only does it ensure the important stuff gets done, but it also gives you a “victory” to start the day and provides the momentum to make the day truly productive. You’ll get a charge out of crossing those important things off your list!


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I bring retail best practices to Independent Retailers. This leads to better decision making when it comes to inventory management, marketing, sales training, product assortment, and more! Many retailers start with a passion for what they sell or were handed down the business from their parents. Even though they may have started strong, eventually, many realize that they need help to master essential retail business skills. Don't find yourself "Business Lonely" and lacking a community. I am here to help you make better business decisions, connect you to a community, and bring clarity and control to your business. Come experience a happier life with more freedom!

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