WhizBang! TIP of the WEEK – Ready Or Not, Here Comes 2021

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WhizBang! TIP of the WEEK – Ready Or Not, Here Comes 2021


Whizbang Tip of the Week


This TIP comes from a concern raised on the daily “Holiday Hotline” on the WhizBang! Training Facebook Page every weekday morning at 9:30 am eastern time.  Click Here to tune in each morning from now until Christmas, or watch the recording at your convenience!


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Cathy McKillip, one of my fellow WhizBang! Certified Coaches emailed the “Holiday Hotline” with this concern…


“This has been such a tough year.  My clients are tired.  Even people who are normally action takers and naturally positive are worn down.  Everyone is focused on just getting through the holidays.

My worry is that January and the first quarter will be here before we know it.  I’m seeing people that haven’t done any planning, and so instead of being able to reset a bit in the first quarter, they will be scrambling again.

Please remind them to do what they must to get through each day, but to also reserve some bit of energy for thinking past December 26th.”


Bob Negen replied that he could not agree more.  Both that people are exhausted and that it is important to plan ahead for 2021.


Here are 3 areas that Bob Negen with WhizBang! Training suggests you save some energy for.


Financials:  You should give your accountant a call this week if you have not done it yet to review some year-end tax planning.  This one could bite you in the backside if you let it slide too long.  Also, take a stab at a cash flow plan for the first couple of months of the year.  You may find you don’t have to work as hard as you thought – or maybe the opposite.  Either way, it is good to know in advance.


Inventory:  The supply chain difficulties aren’t going away on January 1st.  Find out what is available and what is not.  Look for creative alternatives.  Review your open to buy plans and make sure you get your orders in now so that you will have what you need to sell in 2021.  If you wait too long, it may be hard to get the goods.


Marketing:  It is going to be so important to stay in front of your customers and keep serving them as we head into several more months of pandemic pain.  Be sure you have a plan to invite them to shop with you – whether in the store, on the web, on your social channels, or on the phone.  The new Marketing Mentor Program starting January 12th can help with this.


And here is the final thing you should consider planning for post-holiday…


REST:  For you.  For your team.  You’ve been under a ton of stress and strain.  You’ve been in harm’s way serving customers.  Plan for some concentrated time off (not a day here, a day there.)  You may even have to shut down for a bit in early 2021 if you don’t have enough staff.  But you cannot serve if the pitcher is completely empty.  Take time to refill and refresh.  I promise that your store and your customers will be waiting for you when you return.


And never forget….YOU’VE GOT THIS!


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