Create and Send Purchase Requests with a Single Click

Through our Vendor Reorder Application, RC Analytix automatically suggests order quantities based on our advanced forecasting engine. With a single click, you can create a Purchase Request in NCR CounterPoint.

Easily reorder what you need with our Vendor Reorder Application

Our Newest Intelligence-Driven Order Entry System

Say goodbye to the tedious job of entering orders into CounterPoint by hand! With our Vendor Reorder Application, we automatically suggest order quantities using our Advanced Forecasting Engine. From there, you can modify the order, export it to Excel, or save it to work on later.

With a single click, export the order to send to your vendor and automatically import the order as a Purchase Request into CounterPoint.

Save hundreds of hours by eliminating manual-entry purchase orders.


Saves hundreds of labor hours by eliminating the typing in of item numbers, grid dimensions, order quantities, and location data.


Works with Allocated orders, whether separate or merged.


Allows you to place your order with the vendor more quickly.

Eliminate receiving area personnel having to wait on orders to be entered into CounterPoint before they can be received, thus improving morale.

How the Vendor Reorder Workflow Works

SKU summaries

Organized Summaries

SKU sales are summarized neatly into weekly summaries for easy analysis.

Forecasted SKU sales

Forecasted Sales

Our advanced algorithm forecasts future SKU sales by location and week for the upcoming 52 weeks.

Suggested order quantities

Suggested Order Quantities

We suggest order quantities that are based on predicted sales, current inventory, and expected receipts.

Edit or accept the order

Adjust Your Way

You can accept the suggested order quantity or edit as needed.


One-Click and You’re Ready to Order!

Email with ease

Email with Ease

With one click, you can create a spreadsheet to email to the vendor!

Create a Purchase Order in CounterPoint

Upload to CounterPoint

With one click, you can create a Purchase Request in CounterPoint!

No matter your POS system, RC Analytix can improve your business!

Not on CounterPoint?

RC Analytix can integrate with most retail POS systems. To learn more and to see how to use RC Analytix for your business, contact Retail Clarity today.

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