You Make a Difference

You Make a Difference



It is easy to get caught up in the day-to-day struggles, the busyness, the never-ending to-do’s of an independent store owner, and forget how truly important you are. It’s easy to feel insignificant.


That is why you need to remember the ripple effect. The positive effort and passionate energy that you put out every day are like stones thrown into a pool of water. You make waves!


This tip of the week comes from the WhizBang! Training archives.  I have combined my thoughts and Bob Negen’s to remind you that You Make a Difference


Sometimes your ripples are small–but meaningful


You are touching lives every day in your business in small ways.

The confidence a new pet owner has because you’ve sent them home with everything their pup needs to be happy and healthy.

The deep sigh and slowly relaxing the shoulders of a customer as she sips a cup of hot tea in yourcafé.

The excitement and pride of a high-school student getting his first “real” job in your store.

The simple joy a customer feels as she shops in your store as she feels welcomed, safe, and appreciated. She comes to you for her “retail therapy”.



Sometimes your small ripples turn into tsunamis!


Sometimes seemingly little things you do can turn out to have an enormous impact.

The young employee who is secretly watching you–watching your work ethic, your drive, and desire to succeed–and becomes inspired to open a business and make ripples of their own.

The cause marketing donation you make to your local charity allows them to feed a hungry child who becomes a future leader. Maybe right now your dollars are feeding the next Martin Luther King Jr.

The dress she buys from you and the way you and your associates truly see and appreciate her, gives a woman the confidence to ace the interview for a new job and lift her family out of poverty.


You may never know the effect your words or actions may have on someone’s life. What you do and say makes a difference. What you and your associates do each day in your store matters. You touch people’s lives in many ways–large and small. Your store is important. You make a difference in the world around you.


Sometimes the ripples you make are unseen by you.


Have you ever sat on the dock as a speed boat goes by out on the lake? It’s not until many minutes later, and long after the boat is gone, that you feel the effect and hear the wake crash against the pilings.


Here is the ripple effect of my life…

In junior high school, my parents had a friend who always had “cool” stuff that vendors gave her to get her to buy from them for the company she worked for. I asked her what I should study in college to get a job like hers. She told me to get a Marketing degree. I was raised to love the UGA Bulldogs (even though I grew up in South Florida). Back in 1983, I was sure that Herschel Walker was going to help UGA win the National Championship, so I chose my college for football and went there to get a Marketing degree. The National Championship did not work out as Herschel Walker left to go and play in the USFL (Do you even remember that football league that lasted for a couple of years?) But the Marketing degree has served me well. After 27 years of being a buyer for Parsons Gifts, our retail store, I had lots of vendors giving me “cool” stuff to get me to buy from them. Over those 27 years, we worked hard to instill honesty, a strong work ethic, dependability, and joy in our associates as we treated our customers with kindness, respect, and thankfulness.


My parent’s friend had no idea that her words that day would set me on my career course. And Herschel Walker has no idea that he brought me to Georgia, where I met my husband and have worked alongside him in retail for that last 27 years


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